Mitchell Veterinary Clinic is NOT a 24-hour emergency clinic for the El Dorado Springs area.

We offer after-hours emergency care for our established, regular patients. Please call 471-876-5717 and leave a message for the doctor on call.

NOTE: The doctor does not receive calls between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.

After-hours non-emergency calls will be returned during regular business hours only.

Things That Slow Down Emergency Care:

  • Not leaving your name and phone number
  • Please set your phone to accept calls from unknown callers
  • Calling multiple times and leaving more than one voicemail
  • Having friends and family call for the same emergency

Large Animal Emergency:

Please move the animal to a small pen of a half-acre or less.
When you call, please already complete a brief exam so you can give an accurate description of the situation.
Be prepared to haul in whenever possible.

We can work in emergencies at our office much quicker than we can get a veterinarian out to a farm when they have a full schedule of appointments.

Non-Client Emergency Care

Small Animal – Contact your regular veterinarian, or:

Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Southwest Missouri
400 S. Glenstone Ave
Springfield, MO 65802