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Saving Lives One Pet at A Time

There is an old school of thought that we continue to hear from time-to-time in the clinic- “having one litter will make her a better dog.” There is no evidence to support this claim, but there is plenty of proof that this belief has contributed to animal overpopulation. One of our many goals at Mitchell Veterinary Clinic is to educate our clients and the community about animal health and wellbeing. While we work with many responsible breeders that strive to ensure the best care and placement for their puppies, we also see many litters that are unable to be placed. Dog breeding is a full-time and expensive job, and should not be undertaken lightly. On top of regular vet care for the breeding dog and her puppies, owners are responsible for vetting and securing proper homes for these animals. Here in Southwest, MO, we see many animals that are left homeless for various reasons – breeding without appropriate resources and education contributes to this problem. Simply stated, there are too many animals and not enough homes for them. Thankfully in our area, we have a group that works tirelessly for these homeless critters.

Furry Hearts Inc. is a nonprofit group based in Cedar County, MO, that coordinates transport and rescue for dogs in need in Cedar County and surrounding areas. The group communicates with rescues across the country to find the best fit for each individual animal so that they will eventually find their forever home. In 2022 alone, Furry Hearts has successfully found rescue for over 450 dogs from this area – dogs that otherwise would have been without shelter, without veterinary care, without a loving family.

The animals helped by Furry Hearts include strays (either those unclaimed from local city pounds or those that wandered onto someone’s property), accidental litters of puppies, litters that were purposefully bred but unsuccessfully sold or rehomed, and beloved pets that must be rehomed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Mitchell Veterinary Clinic works with Furry Hearts to provide care for these animals, including emergency care, sick care, and routine wellness exams and surgical procedures. We also recommend Furry Hearts to any of our clients that need help rehoming an animal.

We wholeheartedly believe in and support their mission statement which is To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in crisis, ensure healthy pets through education, advocacy and affordable services, and inspire a community where the animal-human bond is celebrated and nurtured. Southwest Missouri is fortunate to have this invaluable resource for animals in our area.

Besides their rescue efforts, Furry Hearts provides education about animal overpopulation and resources for low cost spay/neuter. All services covered by Furry Hearts (including veterinary care, fostering, transport, and boarding) are funded through donations. We encourage our community to support and raise awareness for this organization! You can donate directly to Furry Hearts via Venmo or Paypal, or donate directly to their account at our clinic.

–Dr. Hannah M. Bail, DVM

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Furry Hearts Inc – Southern Missouri Organization Assisting Dogs In Need

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